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Millimeter to Pixel Conversion (mm to pixels online converter)

mm to pixels online converter:

Converter mm to pixels and vice versa.

Conversion formulas Millimeter to Pixel:

  • px = 3.7795275591 * mm.
  • mm= px / 3.7795275591.


  • px: Pixel.
  • mm :Millimeter.

Millimeter Definition:

Definition of Millimeter provided by WikiPedia:

The millimetre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or millimeter (American spelling) (SI unit symbol mm) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one thousandth of a metre, which is the SI base unit of length.

Pixel Definition:

Definition of Pixel provided by WikiPedia:

In digital imaging, a pixel, pel,[1] dots, or picture element[2] is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The address of a pixel corresponds to its physical coordinates. LCD pixels are manufactured in a two-dimensional grid, and are often represented using dots or squares, but CRT pixels correspond to their timing mechanisms and sweep rates.

Pixel Definition: by wikipedia

Conversion chart Millimeter to Pixel:

To check the below table use our online mm to pixels calculator above.

Millimeter, mm.Pixel, pxMillimeter, mm.Pixel, px.
1 mm3.779 Pixel26 mm98.267 Pixel
2 mm7.559 Pixel27 mm102.047 Pixel
3 mm11.338 Pixel28 mm105.826 Pixel
4 mm15.118 Pixel29 mm109.606 Pixel
5 mm18.897 Pixel30 mm113.385 Pixel
6 mm22.677 Pixel31 mm117.165 Pixel
7 mm26.456 Pixel32 mm120.944 Pixel
8 mm30.236 Pixel33 mm124.724 Pixel
9 mm34.015 Pixel34 mm128.503 Pixel
10 mm37.795 Pixel35 mm132.283 Pixel
11 mm41.574 Pixel36 mm136.063 Pixel
12 mm45.354 Pixel37 mm139.842 Pixel
13 mm49.133 Pixel38 mm143.622 Pixel
14 mm52.913 Pixel39 mm147.401 Pixel
15 mm56.692 Pixel40 mm151.181 Pixel
16 mm60.472 Pixel41 mm154.960 Pixel
17 mm64.251 Pixel42 mm158.740 Pixel
18 mm68.0315 Pixel43 mm162.519 Pixel
19 mm71.81102 Pixel44 mm166.299 Pixel
20 mm75.590 Pixel45 mm170.078 Pixel
21 mm79.370 Pixel46 mm173.858 Pixel
22 mm83.149 Pixel47 mm177.637 Pixel
22 mm83.149 Pixel48 mm181.417 Pixel
23 mm86.929 Pixel49 mm185.196 Pixel
24 mm90.708 Pixel50 mm188.976 Pixel
25 mm94.488 Pixel51 mm192.755 Pixel
Conversion chart Millimeter to Pixel.

Conversion chart  Pixel to Millimeter:

To check the below table use our online mm to pixels calculator above.

Pixel, px.Millimeter, mm.Pixel, px.Millimeter, mm.
1 Pixel0.264 mm26 Pixel6.879 mm
2 Pixel0.529 mm27 Pixel7.143 mm
3 Pixel0.793 mm28 Pixel7.408 mm
4 Pixel1.058 mm29 Pixel7.672 mm
5 Pixel1.322 mm30 Pixel7.937 mm
6 Pixel1.587 mm31 Pixel8.202 mm
7 Pixel1.852 mm32 Pixel8.466 mm
8 Pixel2.116 mm33 Pixel8.731 mm
9 Pixel2.381 mm34 Pixel8.995 mm
10 Pixel2.645 mm35 Pixel9.260 mm
11 Pixel2.910 mm36 Pixel9.525 mm
12 Pixel3.175 mm37 Pixel9.789 mm
13 Pixel3.439 mm38 Pixel10.054 mm
14 Pixel3.704 mm39 Pixel10.318 mm
15 Pixel3.968 mm40 Pixel10.583 mm
16 Pixel4.233 mm41 Pixel10.847 mm
17 Pixel4.497 mm42 Pixel11.112 mm
18 Pixel4.762 mm43 Pixel11.377 mm
19 Pixel5.027 mm44 Pixel11.641 mm
20 Pixel5.291 mm45 Pixel11.906 mm
21 Pixel5.556 mm46 Pixel12.170 mm
22 Pixel5.820 mm47 Pixel12.435 mm
22 Pixel5.820 mm48 Pixel12.7 mm
23 Pixel6.085 mm49 Pixel12.964 mm
24 Pixel6.35 mm50 Pixel13.229 mm
25 Pixel6.614 mm51 Pixel13.493 mm
Conversion chart  Pixel to Millimeter.
mm to pixels
mm to pixels


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