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Avogadro’s law Equation / formula:

[box fontsize=”16″][list icon=”momizat-icon-pencil2″ ] P1 / n1 = P2 /n2., P1 n2 = P2 n1, Where n is the amount of substance of the gas (measured in moles), V is the volume of the gas[/list] [/box]

Avogadro’s law Definition:

Definition of Avogadro’s law:

Avogadro’s law (sometimes referred to as Avogadro’s hypothesis or Avogadro’s principle) is an experimental gas law relating volume of a gas to the amount of substance of gas present.[1] A modern statement of Avogadro’s law is:
Avogadro’s law states that, “equal volumes of all gases, at the same temperature and pressure, have the same number of molecules”.
For a given mass of an ideal gas, the volume and amount (moles) of the gas are directly proportional if the temperature and pressure are constant.

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