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Relative Centrifugal Force, RCF or G-force formula:

[box fontsize=”16″][list icon=”momizat-icon-pencil2″ ] RCF = 1.1118 x 10-5 x r x rpm2.,Where r is the rotor radius in centimeters [/list] [/box]

Relative Centrifugal Force, RCF or G-force Definition:

Definition of Relative Centrifugal Force, RCF:

Relative centrifugal field (RCF) describes and compares the strength of the fields generated by different size rotors and different operating speeds. Just as length is measured in units of inches or millimeters, time in units of hours or minutes, the relative centrifugal field is measured in units also. It is expressed in multiples of the earth’s gravitational field, abbreviated g.