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Ninth Root Calculator formula:

a9 = x.


Ninth Root Formula.

Ninth Root Definition:

Definition of Ninth Root :

In mathematics, an ninth root of a number x,  is a number r which, when raised to the power 9 yields x :


Ninth Root Definition.

Perfect 9th Roots

Perfect 9th Roots of x 9√x
9th root of 11
9th root of 5122
9th root of 196833
9th root of 2621444
9th root of 19531255
9th root of 100776966
9th root of 403536077
9th root of 1342177288
9th root of 3874204899
9th root of 100000000010
9th root of 235794769111
9th root of 515978035212
Perfect 9th Roots

Table of Ninth Root:

9th root of x  9√x  9th root of x  9√x  
9th root of 11,00009th root of 261,4362
9th root of 21,08019th root of 271,4422
9th root of 31,12989th root of 281,4481
9th root of 41,16659th root of 291,4537
9th root of 51,19589th root of 301,4592
9th root of 61,22039th root of 311,4646
9th root of 71,24149th root of 321,4697
9th root of 81,25999th root of 331,4748
9th root of 91,27659th root of 341,4797
9th root of 101,29159th root of 351,4844
9th root of 111,30539th root of 361,4891
9th root of 121,31809th root of 371,4936
9th root of 131,32989th root of 381,4981
9th root of 141,34079th root of 391,5024
9th root of 151,35119th root of 401,5066
9th root of 161,36089th root of 411,5108
9th root of 171,37009th root of 421,5148
9th root of 181,37879th root of 431,5188
9th root of 191,38709th root of 441,5227
9th root of 201,39509th root of 451,5265
9th root of 211,40259th root of 461,5302
9th root of 221,40989th root of 471,5339
9th root of 231,41689th root of 481,5375
9th root of 241,42359th root of 491,5410
9th root of 251,43009th root of 501,5445
Ninth Root Chart.

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