Instrumentation Abbreviations Table – P&ID


– A –– A –
AAnalog Signal.
ACAnalysis Controller.
AAHAnalysis Alarm [High].
AAHLAnalysis Alarm [High/Low].
AALAnalysis Alarm [Low]
ASAir Supply
ASDHAnalysis Shutdown [High]
ASDLAnalysis Shutdown [Low]
ASHAnalysis Switch [High]
ASHLAnalysis Switch [High/Low]
ASLAnalysis Switch [Low]
ATAnalysis Transmitter
– B –– B –
BCBurner Controller
BAHBurner Alarm [High]
BAHLBurner Alarm [High/Low]
BALBurner Alarm [Low]
BDVBlowdown Valve
BPRBack Pressure Regulator
BSBurner Switch
BSHBurner Switch [High]
BSHLBurner Switch [High/Low]
BSLBurner Switch [Low]
BS&WBasic Sediment and Water
– C –– C –
CCPCentral Control Panel
CDSCompressor Shutdown
CFACommon Fault Alarm
CSCCar Seal Close
CSOCar Seal Open
CVControl Valve
– E –– E –
E/IEMF to Current Converter
ESElectrical Switch
ESDEmergency Shutdown Station
ESDVEmergency Shutdown Valve
– F –– F –
FALFlow Alarm Low
FAHFlow Alarm High
FAHHFlow Alarm High For Level Above FAH
FAHLFlow Alarm [High/Low]
FALLFlow Alarm Low For Level Below FAL
FCFlow Controller
FCFail Close
FCVFlow Control Valve
FEFlow Element
FFAFlame Failure Alarm
FFSDFlame Failure Shutdown
FGFlow Gage/Flow Sight Glass
FIFlow Indicator
FICFlow Indicator Controller
FITFlow Indicator Transmitter
FOFial Open
FQFlow Indicator Totaliser
FQIFlow Indicator with Total Counter [Positive Displacement]
FRFlow Recorder
FRCFlow Recorder Controller
FRTFlow Recorder Transmitter
FSFlow Switch
FSDHFlow Shutdown [High]
FSDLFlow Shutdown [Low]
FSHFlow Switch [High]
FSLFlow Switch [Low]
FTFlow Transmitter
FYComputer, Relay, Amplifier or I/P Converter etc. in Flow Loop
– G –– G –
GSInstrument Gas Supply
– H –– H –
HMVHydraulic Motor Operated Valve
HOAHand/Off/Auto Switch
HSHand Switch
– I –– I –
ICurrent Signal
I/ICurrent Indicator
I/PCurrent to Pneumatic
I/PACurrent to Pneumatic Alarm
– K –– K –
– L –– L –
LALevel Alarm
LAHLevel Alarm [High]
LAHHLevel Alarm High for Level Above LAH
LAHLLevel Alarm [High/Low]
LALLevel Alarm [Low]
LALLLevel Alarm Low for Level Above LAL
LCLevel Controller
LCVLevel Control Valve
LGLevel Gauge
LILevel Indicator
LICLevel Indicator Controller
LITLevel Indicator Transmitter
LLHLiquid Level [High]
LLLLiquid Level [Low]
LLNLiquid Level [Normal]
LQLock Closed [When By A Manual Valve]
LRLevel Recorder
LSLevel Switch
LSDHLevel Shutdown [High]
LSDLLevel Shutdown [Low]
LSHLevel Switch [High]
LSHLLevel Switch [High/Low]
LSLLevel Switch [Low]
LSHHLevel Switch High for Level Above LSH
LSLLLevel Switch Low for Level Below LSL
LTLevel Transmitter
LYI/P Converter [Level Loop]
LOLock Open
– M –– M –
MCCMotor Control Center
MTUMaster Terminal Unit
– N –– N –
NCNormally Closed
NONormally Open
– P –– P –
PPneumatic Signal
PAHPressure Alarm [High]
PAHLPressure Alarm [High/Low]
PALPressure Alarm [Low]
PCPressure Controller
PCVPressure Control Valve
PDPulsation Dampener
PdAPressure Differential Alarm
PdAHPressure Differential Alarm [High]
PdALPressure Differential Alarm [Low]
PdIPressure Differential Indicator
PdICPressure Differential Indicator Controller
PdSPressure Differential Switch
PdSHPressure Differential Switch [High]
PdSLPressure Differential Switch [Low]
PGPressure Gage
P/IPneumatic To Current Converter
PIPressure Indicator
PICPressure Indicator Controller
PITPressure Indicator Transmitter
PJIMultipoint Pressure Indicator
PJRMultipoint Pressure Recorder
POVPneumatically Operated Valve
PRPressure Recorder
PRCPressure Recorder Controller
PRTPressure Recorder Transmitter
PRVPressure Regulating Valve
PSDHPressure Shutdown [High]
PSDLPressure Shutdown [Low]
PSERupture Disk
PSHPressure Switch [High]
PSHHPressure Switch High for Pressure Above PSH
PSHLPressure Switch [High/Low]
PSLPressure Switch [Low]
PSLLPressure Switch Low for Pressure Below PSL
PSVPressure Safety Valve
PTPressure Transmitter
PYRelay, Computer, Amplifier, Converter or I/P Converter etc/ in Pressure Loop
– R –– R –
RCRatio Controller
RTDResistance Temperature Detector
RTURemote Terminal Unit
– S –– S –
SAHSpeed Alarm [High]
SAHLSpeed Alarm [High/Low]
SALSpeed Alarm [Low]
SCSample Connection
SDShutdown Panel
SISpeed Indicator
SRSpeed Recorder
SSSteam Supply
SSHSpeed Switch [High]
SSHLSpeed Switch [High/Low]
SSLSpeed Switch [Low]
– T –– T –
TAHTemperature Alarm [High]
TAHLTemperature Alarm [High/Low]
TALTemperature Alarm [Low]
TCTemperature Controller
TCVTemperature Control Valve
TDTime Delay
TETemperature [Measuring] Element/Thermocouple
TFTemperature Gage
TITemperature Indicator
TICTemperature Indicator Controller
TITTemperature Indicator Transmitter
TJIMultipoint Temperature Indicator/Thermocouple
TRTemperature Recorder
TRCTemperature Recorder Controller
TRTTemperature Recorder Transmitter
TSDHTemperature Shutdown [High]
TSDLTemperature Shutdown [Low]
TSHTemperature Switch [High]
TSHLTemperature Switch [High/Low]
TSLTemperature Switch [Low]
TTTemperature Transmitter
TYComputer, Relay, Converter, etc. in Temperature Loop
– U –– U –Instrumentation Abbreviations Table
USUtility Station
– V –– V –Instrumentation Abbreviations Table
VAHVibration Alarm [High]
VSDHVibration Shutdown [High]
VSHVibration Switch [High].
– W –– W –Instrumentation Abbreviations Table
WSWater Supply.
– X –– X – Instrumentation Abbreviations Table
– Z –– Z –
ZCPosition Switch [Closed].
ZOPosition Switch [Open].
Instrumentation Abbreviations Table – P&ID

Instrumentation Abbreviations Table.

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